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𝕗𝕣𝕖𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕘𝕒 ℹ️ & AI

A public Artificial Intelligence system designed to:

🙋🏻‍ Answer questions relating to yoga classes, wellness products and services near by or provided by a specific studio.

ℹ️ Display specialist Yoga and wellness knowledge, relating to asanas, tips, Sanskrit terms and definitions.

🆘 Offer localised crisis support resources and volunteer 'angels' to support teenagers and adults.

📆 Amend and create bookings, event info and services for wellness sellers listed.

📧 Find contact info and leave messages for quotes and queries on your behalf.

📍 Seller profile and listings creation, ticket pricing, order forms, POS solutions, FAQ, events, branding, form and automation advice, dual presence on blockchain and web.

The Founding Project:

Perth Yoga for Everybody is an ever changing, collective of yoga teachers and participants in Perth, Australia that have practiced Yoga together in the same spot by our river, week-in, week-out since 2013.

Over the last 3 years, we have finalised the development of our own grassroots developed, yoga studio app, Yoga Request, which grew to become a large collection of our securely managed booking information, yoga general knowledge FAQ, yoga images and content that we organised for our own class planning and transacting.

We are now closely approaching the point where we are able to scale up the use of the processes created, to share yoga knowledge and help other teams and
potential attendees of yoga classes, for the benefit of our Social Mission.

This year sees the project push towards its first targets of facilitating the introduction of other teams to the studio app and to launch Yoga Robot, the front end interface to communicate with and display all this useful information through, as well as taking requests from participants and organisers contributing to the service. Yoga Robot's primary purpose is: to make yoga and event/crisis support services accessible for everybody.

Our group aims to achieve a significant increase in the affordability of wellness services by deploying Yoga Robot to better organise and showcase the suppliers in local markets, who want to offer their services, to radicalise market efficiencies. When each supplier pays +5% merchant fee on each transaction, we say why? and move to build exchange networks with less friction eating away at the community's treasury.

The first of many de-centralised, support networks and a way for future generations to gather, collaborate and cultivate health and wellness.



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Next target ⬆️  Full Road Map [here]

The project's growth will be further supported by the following ecosystems, launching in 2021 and 2022:

🌐 Community Websites and app integration for Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Melboure, Brisbane and Cairns

🚀 Yoga Request Organiser App and Teaching Tools

🔗 YogiURLs, secure link sharing network and free url-shorterner

💽 Yoga Tech Creative Commons, to protect and utilise the IP rights of users.

"The most efficient wellness transaction exchange network the world has seen."

Search classes, Yoga FAQ, bookings from multiple platforms, shorten links, list profiles, publish and promote classes without Facebook interference or platform reliance and hire quality yoga teachers for substitute vacancies.

Match and contract with businesses via our centralised .com marketplace app or go peer-to-peer DEX and pool the cost of a yoga class, utilizing decentralised ERC20 Network technology.

Yoga Request  |  Yoga Robot

"Increasing the vitality and mobility of people living in Australia."

Perth Yoga for Everybody