Yoga Robot 🚀

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Free Artificial Intelligence and yoga knowledge for Ξverybody.

Coming Soon...

Crowd funding via ReadyFundGo is currently live to accelerate the development and sustain initial running cost while the project launches. 

The early contributing members of this project want to say a huge thanks in advance for any financial support you can pledge to help us reach our funding campaign goal this year.  We are very confident about Yoga Robot's applications and adoption where others may not see the potential, and we are hugely grateful to be working on and learning from such a powerful database of yoga and wellness knowledge. 🙏

Ξmpowering Australian communities with connections

Yoga Request is a new decentralised ΞRC20 data and transaction exchange network for anyone in the Yoga and Wellness industry.  Fully tested for 3 years by the Western Australian community group Perth Yoga for Everybody, the software remains as their studio booking and management tool of choice to run its outdoor events, with the tools becoming available to the wider industry later in 2021.

Yoga Robot is the front end marketplace to interact with teams, already hosted on the Yoga Request platform and now via Yoga Robot to expand the listings network. Yoga Robot's primary functions for 2021 are to make yoga knowledge, events and crisis support assistance available for everybody, including ensuring all booking and communication capabilities are enabled in the 2 projects by summer 2021 in Australia.

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The first of many de-centralised, support networks and a way for future generations to gather, collaborate, preserve and cultivate health and wellness.

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Launch Phase



Initial design and testing in Perth, WA (24 months)


BΞTA Yoga Request App Access for Teachers



Yoga Form Website Launch and Attendee

Crypto Payment testing completed for Yoga Request

28 Apr 21


BΞTA Yoga Request App Access for Teams

1 Jul 21


Yoga Robot & YogiURLs App Services BΞTA Launch

30 Aug 21


Full Yoga Request and Yoga Robot Mainnet Launch

22 Nov 21


NFT ITO Trade discounted ticket sales and collectible tokens offered to subscribers with an active account by 30 Dec 2021

30 Dec 22


NFT & Ticketing Public Store Launch

11 Feb 22


Full Yoga Request Mainnet Launch

11 Aug 22


Initial Coin Offering fundraiser for wider expansion. 

11 Jan 23